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What is Abuse?

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Abuse is a pattern of behavior that a person uses to try to control or dominate another person. Abuse does not have to be physical. The consequences of emotional abuse can be as damaging as physical abuse, though much harder to recognize, and therefore more difficult to recover from. Emotional abuse may cause long term self-esteem issues. Listed below are some examples of emotional abuse:

Emotional abuse may happen for months and years before any damage is evident. By the time the injury is noticed, the person may already be having significant difficulty coping with life. Emotional abuse ultimately affects a person's development and sense of self-worth.


Physical abuse is the most visible form of abuse may be defined as any act that results in a non-accidental trauma or physical injury. Physical abuse injuries result from punching, beating, pushing, shoving, slapping, biting, kicking, choking, hitting, burning, throwing objects, preventing someone from physically leaving, threatening with a weapon, or otherwise harming someone. Many people include rape under physical abuse, I do not. I think it constitutes sexual abuse.


Sexual abuse can be defined as the involvement of dependent, developmentally immature children in sexual activities they do not fully comprehend and therefore, which they unable to give informed consent. Sexual abuse also includes rape, whether as an adult or a child. Sexual abuse is any misuse of a child for sexual pleasure or gratification. Sexual abuse includes sexual intercourse and/or its deviations, including, exhibitionism, fondling, and any sexual contact. Sexual abuse can include any of the list below:


For A Child

For An Adult


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