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After this web page fully loads, you will see a white box below.  That is where the chat room will load. Simply sit back and give it a minute or so to load the chatroom for you. Once it is loaded you will see the room and the nicknames of other people chatting in it. The very first thing you want to type and send into the room is a uncommon nickname for yourself. Once you send it into the room, (using the Enter Key), your Guest nick will be changed to the nickname of your choice. C'on in and join us!


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Be sure the first text you send into the room is a unique nickname or your name with numbers behind it. If you want to enlarge the size of the chatroom, click on the square maximize button in the upper right corner of the chat window. This will float the chatroom off the web page, thereby removing the websites restrictions as to its size. Now you can make it any size you are comfortable with.

Please don't forget that our text chatroom (#familyteens) is on IRC, accessible using this site or an IRC client program such as mIRC.  The server we are on is, port 6667. You may also use a Webnet server that comes with mIRC and simply add #alanonachat to your channels folder to join us.