The #Healingroom is not a professional therapeutic environment. We do not have any interest in being anything more than a part of your support network of friends in the survivor community.

We are all Adults Survivors of Childhood Abuse in the #Healingroom, and that is the only purpose for our gathering here; as survivors seeking the help and support of other survivors. We are NOT therapist or doctors.  We are survivors and that is the capacity in which we help and support eachother.

If you need some professional help, we will try to encourage you to you find a qualified, adequate therapist or doctor in your local community.  We offer love, encouragement, experience, strength and hope in the #Healingroom. While we may offer you some suggestions, or show you some options you otherwise didn't see, we do not offer any form of professional counselling. We will not discourage you from getting support from any person or other channel outside the #Healingroom. We strongly encourage you to develope a healthy support network of friends and will not in any way attempt to interfer with who or where you choose to do that.

If you are suicidal or feel that you are going to self injure, lets get you some help locally in your community, okay? We have access to many 1-800 numbers and organizations that are designed specifically to help you if you really want help. We cannot stop you from feeling like you want to die or hurt yourself, but we can talk with you and point you in the direction of people that may be able to help. If you would like some information or an 1-800 number to call, just ask one of our Ops and we will see to it that you get that information ASAP. Thank you.

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