Healingroom Guidelines

The #Healingroom is a group room created to support and encourage survivors of childhood abuse and their supporters in a healthy and constructive way.  THIS IS A "SUPPORT" GROUP AND DOES NOT OFFER ONLINE PROFESSIONAL THERAPY!  PLEASE READ OUR DISCLAIMER!  It is a safe and supportive environment to meet and discuss the issues that are unique to survivors, among survivors.

General rules

People who come into the #Healingroom should be assured that this is a safe place to be.  Each new person who enters, or who is not recognized by the ops in the room will be first welcomed into the room and then asked if he or she is new to the room, then asked if he or she is a survivor. This is the extent of the questioning. We do not want to make anyone feel as if they have no right to privacy, as this too is abusive. These two questions are simply designed to ensure the safety of the room and help us keep our common bond as a survivors group. 

Persons who enter our room can expect to have an op do a /whois on their nickname when they enter the room. This tells them if anyone is in another channel that could be considered offensive to the sensitivities of others in the channel and help us determine who is really safe and who are playing games.  If you are in other rooms deemed inappropriate by the op, you will be asked to leave the other rooms or the #Healingroom.  If you refuse, you will be kicked out of our room.  You will not be asked to leave other "survivor related support rooms".  We want you to have the freedom to receive the support you need in the survivor community where you might find it for yourself without our interference.

This is a "group" support forum.  Any time our Unity as a group is jeopardized or threatened by any one, in any way, for any reason it is considered a serious offense to the room as a whole and will most likely result in the offender being banned from the room permanently.  Creating division, controversy, or chaos among our group members will not be tolerated at all.

What is said in our room is to stay in our room.  It is not meant to be repeated to any one.  Even other group members that were not present at the time something was said.  The reason for this is we need an environment that honors confidentiality 100%.  To share what was said in our room by another person, be it in email, Instant Messages, or Private Messages violates that confidentiality.  Also it has been our experience that someone repeating something creates the potential to put their own spin or twist on it, either knowingly or unknowingly and creates confusion. 

In the #Healingroom, please be aware that what you discuss may be upsetting or triggering to others.  While none of us can take responsibility for someone else's mental or emotional condition, we all should take this into consideration as we begin to share and watch to the best of our ability how what we are sharing is effecting others in the room.  Should there be any indication that someone is having an adverse reaction to what is being shared, we ask that you stop and a few of us will chat with you in private.  As adult survivors we do not wish to have an environment that says outwardly or silently, "don't talk".  We want you to talk, to feel free to discuss openly your past, your thoughts and feelings.   We only ask that you do so in a manner that is considerate of one another.

Abusive language of any kind will not be tolerated in room.  If you have a problem or concern with someone else in the room, you can message an op, or take it to a private message between yourself and that person.  The #healingroom is not the place to discuss difficulties you have with one member with other room members.   Rumors, gossip or critisism are NOT what we are here for. This behavior is abusive, and will not be allowed.

Do not argue with an op in the room who asks you to change your nick, watch your language, or other such requests. If you have a problem with what an op asks you to do, then please do as the op asked then message them to discuss it.  Do not argue or cause problems in room or you will be kicked and banned if necessary.  If you feel an op has treated you unfairly, please email the founders at healingroom@email.com.   If you enter the room and need to talk or are having a hard time but don't want to talk about it with everyone in the room, please ask an op, or group member you trust and feel safe with to talk with you in private.

Please do not ask to be an op in the #HealingroomPeople are nominated for ops by other ops, and provided they accept the nomination, they are put under observation for 30 days to determine if the person would make a good op. The person nominated will be aware of the nomination. After this observation period, if you are accepted, you will be informed of the decision and trained. It is our sincere desire to provide a safe and supportive place for survivors to help one another.  We do this by sharing our experience, strength, and hope with one another, and help each other  find the healing available to all of us.

Regarding communications related to suicide and/or self injury... The #Healingroom is not a suicide hotline, or crisis intervention center.  We are not professionals and have no training or certification in treating those who are being suicidal or self injurious.  However, we are required by law to render "Proper Aid" to someone who has crossed the bridge from "feeling" suicidal or self injurious to "being" suicidal or self injurious.  Should an Op feel that you are actively suicidal or self injurious (determined by how you are expressing yourself in writing) you will be asked to leave the room and call a crisis hotline, your therapist, or local hospital and seek immediate intervention and care in your community, before returning to the room.  Failure to abide by the Ops request will result in your being kicked and banned from the room pending your communication with the room founder about your condition and what has or is being done locally to stabilize you.  Because we are not with you physically, we cannot effectively intervene in any suicide or self injurious attempts or behaviors.  To allow you to sit in the room when its obvious that you need to be getting immediate local treatment and be on your phone with someone in your community is not providing you with Proper Aid.  We will not entertain or enable suicidal or self injurious behavior.  Healing and Recovery is about wanting to Live, not die.  Its about self care, not self harm.

Thank you in advance for reading and abiding by these guidelines.

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