mIRC and Meeting Script Setup and Training 

Thank you for your willingness to help us carry a message of hope and recovery in the Miracles In Progress 12 Step Recovery Rooms.

Follow these directions to a "T" and you will be have everything needed, including some experience to Chair an online meeting for your group. I suggest you read through this sheet of Instructions before you begin, then just come back and start at the top.  One Step At A Time.  This page will stay open through the whole process.  All links will open a separate window for you to use when needed.


First things first, you'll need to Download and Install mIRC.  mIRC is an IRC program that will allow you access to our room (without having to use the web site to do so).  This is a "Must Have".  Do not go any further until you have successfully downloaded and installed mIRC on your computer.   You can get it by RIGHT CLICKING on this link, http://www.12stepforums.net/misc/mirc581t.exe and selecting "Save Target As". Download the file into a folder on your computer that is easy for you to find so you can double click the downloaded file on your computer to begin its installation.
At end of installation, please do not start to run the mIRC program yet.  I will tell you how and ask you to do that in a few minutes.  Both Download and Installation Time for mIRC is approximately 10 minutes on a 28.8 bps modem (the slowest).  So go do that now, get mIRC downloaded and Installed before going any further.

(Note: Do not worry yourself about registering or paying for mIRC.  MIP makes a contribution to mIRC for use of its program that they are satisfied with.  Of course if you wish to pay for it, you are welcome to, but as Chairpersons in MIP you don't need to.)

Next you need a file called txplay60.zip.  Txplay60 allows you to run scripts into the room, such as the meetings opening and closing readings without having to type it all out.  Thats our next Step.  Right Click Here to download txplay60.zip.  Select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As".  When the window to begin the download opens make sure that you select the "Save to disk" option, and then an Explorer window will appear so you can select where to save it on your computer.  Look for your mIRC folder on drive C:\, and save this file in it.
***Note: Since txplay60.zip is a zipped file, you will need to be able to unzip it to get the files out of it and into your mIRC directory.  If you don't have a unzip program such as WinZip you won't be able to.  So, Click Here and download and install WinZip "Evaluation Version" if you need it.  As soon as you have WinZip installed go double click on the txplay60.zip file in your mIRC directory.  WinZip will automatically identify it as a file that is zipped and will start so you can use it to unzip the file.  Be sure you unzip (extract) txplay60.zip files to your mIRC directory.
Okay, so now you have 1.) mIRC downloaded and installed, and 2.) you have txplay60 downloaded and unzipped into your mIRC folder on your computer, right?  Do not go any further until you have these two things done.   If done with mIRC and txplay as described above, continue on.

Now download from here (below) the files that are for the group you are in.  Be sure they too are placed in your mIRC folder/directory on your computer.  To download them, RIGHT click on each one and select "save link as"(Netscape) or  "Save target as"(Internet Explorer)  and when the explorer window appears direct each of them into your mIRC folder/directory.  If these files are downloaded any where else on your computer they will need to be moved to the mIRC folder/directory immediately, so try to be sure you are directing them to the right directory before clicking "Save".


Right Click the files below to download them to your mIRC Directory

Alcoholics Anonymous


Download and Read



Download and READ
Chair Responsibilities



Download and Read

Narcotics Anonymous



Family Teens


Download and Read

Having done the things outlined above you are now ready to Learn how to use it all together, just hang in here and you will see that there isn't as much to all this as you may think.  Be patient with yourself as you take the next few steps towards the final setup and training on how to use it.



1.) Start mIRC at this time.  (Click Your "Start" Button in the lower left corner of your screen, then go up to Programs, then look for MIRC, point at it and click on colorful MIRC).  This will Start the program on your computer.  When the little window with a picture of the man comes up, REMOVE the check in the little box in the lower left corner and close that window by clicking on the x in the upper right corner.  Removing the check makes it so you won't see that window again.

2.) Now you will be looking at the "mIRC Options" window.  It will say that in the upper left hand corner of the window.  Should you accidently close it, look at the top of your mIRC window, just below where it says "tools", there is a icon of a folder with a hammer next to it.  Clicking that will open the "mIRC Options" window should you need to again.

3.) We are now going to set up your mIRC so you are automatically identified to the server as the rightful owner of your registered nickname as soon as you connect to it.  If your nickname is not registered yet, don't worry we'll get to that a bit down the page here.  Look at the mIRC Options window and on the left you will see a list of things under the heading "Category".  Look down the list until you see IRC, then double click it so you see the files under it.  You will see one called "Perform".  Click that one.  Put a check in the little box next to where it says, "On Connect, Perform these commands".  Now go down to the white area below and type the following using a password that you registered your nickname with or will use when you register it.  Let's pretend I am going to use the password "miracles".  I would type in that white area this;

   /nickserv identify miracles

under that I would type;

   /umode -ep

under that I would type;

    /umode -M

Be sure to use the / in front of the words nickserv and umode.  The "/nickserv identify miracles" tells the server as soon as I'm connected my password so it knows that I am the rightful owner of my nickname.  The "/umode -ep" allows me to recieve and send files using mIRC.  More will be explained about that at another time, but go ahead and type it in there so you are ready to roll.

**Do Not Close Your mIRC Options window or click OK at the bottom of it yet!

4.) Now go down to where it says "Catcher" under IRC in Category area.  Put a check in the URL's and Email's box at the top of this window.  This will allow you to simply click a web site address in chat and your browser will automatically open and go to it.  If you use Microsoft Exchange, Inbox or OutLook Express and click on an email address in chat it will open up your email program with that email address in the To: area.  You can copy and paste it into your windows address book from there if you choose.

**Do Not Close Your mIRC Options window or click OK at the bottom of it yet!

5.) Now go down to where it says "Logging" under IRC on the left hand side, in Category area.  Here you can elect to log what is going on in the room (channel) and/or in your pm's (chat) if you choose to.  This is completely a personal choice, however be sure you have room on your hard drive for this sort of material as it adds up pretty quick in a chat room. (Tip:  We live by a 12 Step policy of what is said in the rooms, stays in the rooms, therefore we ask that you do not share your logs with any one for any reason.)

**Do Not Close Your mIRC Options window or click OK at the bottom of it yet!

6.) Now go down to where it says "Flood" under IRC on the left hand side, in Category area.  To run our large scripts some of the settings there need to be changed.  Otherwise you won't be able to run the scripts... all you will be able to do is flood yourself right off the server.  So, Here's what you do to stop that from happening.

Make sure there is a check in the "Enable Flood Protection" box at the top of this window.  If not, put one in it.
Underneath that you will see where it says, "Settings".  In the four white boxes that appear in that area put these numbers in them in this order;

**Do Not Close Your mIRC Options window or click OK at the bottom of it yet!

7.)  Now go down to where it says "DCC" on the left hand side, under Category.  Double click "DCC" so you see the files under it, and there you will see a file named "Folders".  Click it, and in the center of the window you will see where it says, "DCC Ignore".  Set that on "disabled", and remove the check from little box next to where it says, "Turn Ignore back on in:"  This makes it so you can recieve files such as pictures, sounds, popups etc. from other room members who are using mIRC without any problems.  Now, I must give a warning here:  Do Not Accept any file sent to you by someone outside of our room, or from someone you do not know inside our room.  When a file is sent to you, a box will appear on your screen asking if you want to accept it.  If you didn't agree to have it sent to you in the room, Do Not Accept It.

**Do Not Close Your mIRC Options window or click OK at the bottom of it yet!

8.)  On the left again, under "DCC" you will see where it says "Server", click that and put a check in the little box at the top where it says, "Enable DCC Server"

**Do Not Close Your mIRC Options window or click OK at the bottom of it yet!

9.)  Now go to the bottom of the Category list where it says "General", double click on General so you can see "Lock".  This is an option you can choose to use or not use.  What it will do is lock up your mIRC with a password that you provide so that no one else can get into mIRC and read your logs or visit the rooms you are spending time in.  This is strikely for privacy purposes.  If you want to apply a lock to your mIRC program simply click the "Lock" button and enter your password twice and click OK on the little window you put it in.   You do not want to forget this password or you will have to uninstall and re-install mIRC to use it again.  Be sure to use only passwords you will remember.

**Do Not Close Your mIRC Options window or click OK at the bottom of it yet!

10.) Now scroll up to the very top of your Category list.  It will say "Connect".  Click that.  What you will now do is fill out the information slots in that window where it says, "Full Name:" "Email Address", "Nickname" and "Alternative".  Here are some suggestions; do not put your real full name in.  Place there only what you want others to see about you.  Female names draw alot of attention from cyberspace freekie geekies, so you might want to put something else there.  Mine says, "SpiritofAA" in the Full Name area.  Do not use your real email address, unless you want to start recieving a ton of junk email, because you have your email address exposed to millions of people on IRC.  In that area I have "meme@meme.com".  Not my real email address. You can use this email address too if you'd like.  :-)   In the "Nickname" area, you must put the nickname you have registered, or the one you wish to register, there.  Tip; if you haven't registered your nickname pick a very unique one or add numbers behind your first name.  (i.e.  Linda2002, pinhead2day, smartyguy, Mike1964).  This will increase the odds of it not already being registered to someone else.  Keep in mind thousands of people use the server we are on every day, so all common names and nicks are probably registered to someone else already.  Pick a unique one.  In the "Alternative" area put your nickname the same as you did above in the nickname area, except now add a number to it.  Example; if you used "smartyguy" as a nickname, a good alternate nick would be smartyguy1.

**Do Not Close Your mIRC Options window or click OK at the bottom of it yet!

Now you are about to connect to the server!!!  Yayayayayayaya!!  You'er almost done here.

11.)  Look at your mIRC Options window again and you will see an Add button on the right.  Click it and add the following server to your server list; 
Description:  MIP Chat
IRC Server: irc.chat4all.org

Port: 6667
now click ADD on that little window and it will close.

  Okay, you should still be looking at your mIRC Options window.  And you should see the server you added in the white area above the "Connect to IRC Server" button.

12.) You are now going to connect to the server.  Click the button that says, "Connect to IRC Server".  As you connect to the server you will see some text scroll up your mIRC screen pretty quick.  That lets you know you are connecting.

13.)  After it connects you will see another window open on your screen called "mIRC Channels Folder".  This is where the rooms on the server are listed.  Since we created our own room ours isn't in the list, so you have to add it to the list.  To do this simply click the "ADD" button on the Channel Folder window.  Where it says "Channel" you put the name of the room you want to enter.  (AA's room name is #aachat, Al-Anon room name is #alanonchat, ACoA room name is #acoa_chat, and Family Teens room name is #familyteens and NA's room is #NAchat) Be sure you put the # sign in front of the name (no space).  Do not put any thing in the Password slot, and for description: you can put MIP AA Group, or MIP Al-Anon Group, (which ever 12 Step group you are aligned with).  Now click OK on the small window you added this information into.  This will bring you back to the "mIRC Channel Folder" and you should see your room now listed and highlighted.  Click the JOIN button on the right, and *poof* you are now in the room!!


Before we go on to the next step, TEST your mIRC setup.  Leave the room you entered, and shut down mIRC completely.  Then re-start it.  All you should have to do from now on is this;
Click Start button, go up to Programs, over to MIRC, select colorful mIRC, after it is on your screen you click the "Connect to IRC Server" button on your mIRC Options window, after it connects and the mIRC Channels Folder window opens, you click the room you want to join so it highlights, and click JOIN on the right.  Try this right now, before you go any further.   If you have done this right, it should not take more than 20 seconds to test your work.  :)



Alright, lets get your meeting scripts set up and have you run them now.  Just follow these directions and you'll see its not hard at all.


Using mIRC go to the room that your meetings are held in, type   /join #scripttest   and send it into the rooms window.  (Have to have a space between the words /join and #scripttest). This will open a room by that name and you will be the only one in it.  We do this to avoid running and testing scripts in the meeting room while people are chatting in it or during meetings.
After getting into the #scripttest room, close the window of your meeting room, so you are no longer there.  You are now only in the #scripttest room.

Type   /load -rs txplay60.mrc   and send it into the room   (after you have done this you should see it say "Loaded Script c:\...... " either in the room or on your status screen where the text scrolls when you first connect to the Server.  To look at your status screen click the button to the right, next to the name of the room you are in, just above your rooms window.

Now, RIGHT Click in the center of the #scripttest rooms window.  (Where you see everyone's chat when you are in your groups meeting room.)  A popup box will appear that has "Channel Modes" and *~*~txPLaY6.0F*~*~  there.  While in your meeting room, please do not mess with the Channel Modes options at all!

Point at ~*~txPLay6.0F~*~ with your mouse, and a box will open beside it.  Select number 8, it says, "Play TeXT /TXT".   A explorer window will open.  This is where you select the file you want to play into the room.  Click the arrow at the top of the explorer window, go to drive c:\, select your mirc folder, so it is shown in the white space at the top, and now click your groups opening text, so that it is highlighted.  (AA's is aaopening.txt, Al-Anon's is alanonopening.txt and so forth)  Now, click the Open button in the lower right hand corner of that window.

Within a few seconds you should see your groups meeting script start running into the room!  Let it run to completion.  Then Right Click in the middle of the room again, point at Txplay60, select number 8, and select your groups closing txt file and play it into the room.  Do this a few times so you become comfortable with it.

When you are finished with your scripts training part, you close the window of the room you are using (#scripttest) and look at the top of your mIRC window, you will see its says File, Tools, DCC, Command, Window and Help across the top.  Look right under the word DCC and you will see the icon of a folder with a #+ sign on it.  Click this and your channels folder will open and you can click on your meeting rooms name so that it is highlighted and click "Join" on the right so you are taken into it again.


Having Completed This Task Successfully You Are Now Setup and Trained To Run Meeting Scripts!  Congradulations and Thank You for Your Willingness to Provide Service to Our Group as a Chairperson!

To fulfil this role, you show up for your meeting 15-30 minutes in advance of its scheduled start time.  Run the meetings scripts (opening and closing) for the meeting you are scheduled to chair or any you act as an alternate for.
Between the open and closing scripts is where you will have to do the real work.  You will help the group pick recovery based topics for discussion, keep track of who has put their hand up to share, and call on them in turn.  When there isn't a hand up, ask and encourage the present members to share, ("who would like to share next" usually gets a hand up.)  Keep the rooms meeting topics, and chat discussion between meetings based in your groups primary purpose, for the sake of the newcomer that may be visiting the room.  Monitor the room for persons whose nickname is present but who themselves are not and remove those nicks from the room after a 3 minute option to reply to your question of their presence either in the room or in private message to them.  No reply, no sitting in the room.  Sitting Idle in any of our 12 Step recovery rooms is not allowed.  They are either interacting or they are not, if not they don't need to be in the room.  As a Chairperson or Alternate it is your job to remove them. 

You will be fully expected to maintain the safety of our room and the members of it at all times, which means when nescessary, should someone enter the room that does not belong there, or is causing a disruption, you are to ask them to leave the room one time, and give them 30 seconds to comply.  Their failure to leave immediately will result in your kicking them out of the room and possibly banning them from re-entering it again, depending on the serverity of the situation.  Any one who is found to enter our rooms for the sole purpose of private messaging our members, with any advertisement, be it pornography or otherwise is to be immediately kicked and banned by you without any hesitation.  We have a Zero Tolerance policy for this behavior in our rooms.

How do you kick or ban someone from the room?
Click their nickname so it highlights, then right click it and a popup box will appear, go up to "Control", over and down to Kick (why) or Kick/Ban (why).  Keep your "why's" simple.  "Not Present", "Non-responsive", "Disruptive Behavior", "Banned by Group", "Intrusive Advertising."  This is not about Control or Power it is about being Responsible for our room.  Please use this tool wisely, but don't be afraid to use it when you deem it nescessary.  You were asked to be a chairperson and trained as such because your judgement is trusted by us.  We want you to know you are a "Trusted Servant".

Please be sure to read the document
"Chairperson Responsibilities"
Should you have any questions, ask other room Chairpersons.  If they don't have the answer email me, John, at mip@12stepforums.net and I will surely get an answer to you as soon as possible.

Thank You For Your Time and Devotion to Recovery!

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All Rights Reserved
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